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At Galbato Law Firm, we take pride in protecting our clients’ rights to access benefits after an on-the-job accident or injury. We represent injured workers before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.  A claim must be made in a timely manner, which includes giving notice to your employer and filing a claim form C-3 with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board.  Once a claim is established for a work-related injury or occupational injury, the claimant is entitled to lifetime causally-related medical treatment in accordance with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board Treatment Guidelines.

As your legal counsel, we will also be able to electronically access your Workers' Compensation Board file from the New York State Workers' Compensation Board website.  This access allows us to better represent you throughout the process by remaining up-to-date on all your file information, including recent changes in your medical records. Galbato Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured employees receive full benefits for their injuries.

In some instances for permanent loss of use of a limb or loss of vision or hearing, the claimant may be entitled to a Schedule Loss of Use Award.  A cash payment to the claimant for the permanent loss of use is not a settlement of your claim.

In other cases, a claimant may be entitled to a permanent disability, which typically involves the back or neck and not an extremity, and is based on the employee’s permanent loss of earning capacity.

Galbato Law Firm has proudly negotiated Section 32 Settlement Agreements to the satisfaction of our clients.

Rick is a member of the Injured Workers' Bar Association.


  • All documentation from the Social Security Administration, including your Notice of Disapproved Claim

  • Notice of Hearing, if one has been scheduled

  • Any medical records you have

  • List of Doctors you have seen and medications you have been prescribed


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